My Screening Visit

Sometime before your study appointment we will invite you to a screening visit, which will last approximately 30 minutes. The screening visit is a great opportunity to meet the researchers involved in the study, and most of all to ask any questions you may have. 

Your screening visit can be done online if you are not able to travel to Reading, or alternatively can take place at the University of Reading if you prefer to come in person. 

Download a printable version of this information here.

When is my screening visit?

·       Your screening visit will be scheduled for a time and day of week that you indicated a preference for. 

·       You should receive a 30-minute calendar invitation as well as an email confirming the date and time of your screening visit. 

What should I do before my screening visit?

1.     Please respond to the appointment confirmation email to indicate whether:

a)    You can attend the screening visit, or

b)    You cannot attend the screening visit


2.     Take a moment to read over the documents we sent you via email. These include:

·       Participant Study Information Sheet

·       Study Consent Form

·       MRI Information Sheet

·       MRI Consent Form

·       MRI Safety Form


3.     If your screening visit is online, do ensure you have access to Microsoft Teams as this is the platform we will use for the online screening visit. 

What happens during my screening visit?

·       Study rationale: You will be told about why we are doing the study and what the study appointment involves. 

·       Work Package 1 and Work Package 2: We will explain the difference between Work Package 1 and Work Package 2 and double check if you have a preference for either of these.

·       Sample kit: We will talk you through the sample kit and explain what each item in the kit is for, and how we recommend for you to collect your urine and faecal samples at home. 

o   If your screening visit is online and you have indicated you would like your sample kit posted to you, we will confirm your address with you. Alternatively if your screening visit is online and you indicated that you would like to collect your sample kit another time, we will arrange this with you.

o   If your screening visit is in person, we will give you your complete sample kit to take home with you.

·       eNutri: You will be told a little more about how you can complete the food and drink questionnaire using the eNutri platform ahead of your study appointment. 

·       Payment: We will explain how and when you are paid for your participation in the study, and how we reimburse you for any travel costs you incur. 

·       Eligibility clarifications: If there is any information that we need to clarify with you to double check your eligibility, you can expect us to ask you about this at this point.

·       Forms: If you are happy to participate, we will confirm your contact details and go through the general study consent form with you, as well as the MRI consent and initial screening form. We will ask you to have your emails open as we will send you each of these forms to complete via email during the screening visit.

·       Follow-up visits: If you are interested in taking part in WP2, we will suggest some dates for your follow-up visits (study appointments 2, 3, and 4). It will therefore be helpful to have your calendar handy if you are interested in WP2.


After the screening visit, we will email you a copy of your completed consent form. If you are taking part in WP2, we will also schedule your follow-up appointments and send you calendar invitations for those. 

Is my screening visit online or in person?

·       We will have scheduled your screening visit online or in-person depending on which you indicated a preference for. 

·       We will indicate whether your screening visit is online or in person in the calendar invite and confirmation email that is sent out to you. 

How do I access/get to my screening visit...

... if my screening visit is online?

·       You will receive a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting in both your screening visit calendar invitation and appointment confirmation email. 

·       We will also send you a reminder email about 24 hours before your screening visit that will contain this link. 

... if my screening visit is in person?

·       Your screening visit will take place either at the Harry Pitt Building or at the Harry Nursten Building. 

·       You will be informed in which one of these your screening visit will occur ahead of time. 

Getting to the Harry Pitt Building

The Harry Pitt Building is also known as the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences and has been marked on the map (building 56). 

If using a navigation system, please use postcode RG6 6ES. You will need to access the campus through the Earley Gate entrance. 

·       At the Earley Gate entrance, stay on the lane until you pass a small roundabout. 

·       Continue straight until you come across Car Park 25 on your left. 

·       Please park here, in Car Park 25. We will provide you with a parking permit. 

Head towards the entrance of the building, through the double doors to the reception area. Please wait inside the reception area for one of our researchers to collect you. The entrance of the building into the reception area has been marked with the flag symbol on the close-up of the map.

Getting to the Harry Nursten Building

The Harry Nursten Building (sometimes referred to as the Hugh Sinclair Unit) has been marked on the map (building 47). 

If you are driving, it is most convenient to use the Pepper Lane entrance. If using a navigation system, please use postcode RG6 6UR. 

·       At the Pepper Lane entrance, you will arrive at a mini roundabout. Take the first exit left here, drive over the pedestrian crossing, and take a right almost immediately. You will pass Car Park 8 on your left. 

·       Continue down this road and follow the road around a sharp bend. Pass the Chaplaincy on your left and follow the road until you come to Car Park 10 on your right. 

·       Take a right into Car Park 10, where you can park. There are spaces reserved for study volunteers. We will provide you with a parking permit.

The Harry Nursten Building is white and has steps leading down into the entrance. The entrance to the building has been marked with the flag symbol on the close-up of the map.

Please proceed down the steps, through the double front doors, and follow signs to the 2nd floor. We are located on the 2nd floor, through the double doors in the corridor to the left of the lift labelled "Hugh Sinclair Unit". When you reach the Hugh Sinclair Unit, there is a visitor's doorbell on a table to your left in the corridor. Please ring the doorbell and wait to be attended.

Why is it important to let you know whether I am attending?

·       It is the kindest thing you can do! 

·       The study researchers have a lot to prepare for your appointments, and so knowing whether or not you are attending is incredibly helpful. 

·       We assure you that we will not be upset if you are unable to attend your appointment. 

·       Instead, letting us know that you are unable to attend will enable us to better plan. This way we can organise our days for other activities, notify any other researchers involved, and cancel any room or equipment bookings in good time.